Malmoe International Guitar Festival 2000

P&M ensemble

Latin Passion

The group P & M ensemble – Latin Passion playes music from Cuba – jazz, seductive rhythms from Brazil as well as classical guitar music. Vania Del Monaco, Alfredo Panebianco and Humberto Perdomo took you on a journey trough the spectrum of Latin-American music where the guitar has led five hundred years of tradition. Departing from the purest forms of classical guitar music, they have immersed themselves in Cuban popular music, Flamenco rhythms, seductive Brazilian harmonies, jazz or oriental tones, combining to an unprecedented blending where virtuosity, delicacy of touch and elegance establish a dialogue which transports the listener to new delights.

We did also have the opportunity listened to an orchestra of more than twenty guitar players from the south of Sweden. It was formed especially for this evening, they started the concert by playing music from Latin America.

Thomas Fredholma well known master of the art of making guitars were also there and showed us some of his beautiful instruments.

Uros Dojcinovic

Uros Dojcinovic from Yugoslavia started this concert. He did interpret not only music written by other composers but also one of his own compositions dedicated to Carsten Grøndahl.

Marcin Dylla

After Uros concert a young guitarist from Poland entered the stage – Macin Dylla is only 24 years old but has already established a great reputation as a concert guitarist all over Europe.

Andy Waeyaert

Onthe 21st. of October, the concert started with a guitarist from Belgium. Andy Waeyaert is well known both as a soloist and as a member of the guitar quartet “Quadrant”. He has recorded many CD’s and a large number of composers have written and dedicated their guitar music to him.

Carlos Moscardini

After the break we had the pleasure to introduce a guitarist who has performed previously at the festival. Carlos Moscardini played classical music, jazz, tango and folk music. As a composer he seeks and finds inspiration in the traditional music of his own country – the Argentine.

Official masterclass

October 27th. an official master class was held at The Music Conservatory of Malmo by Erik Stenstadvold and Jukka Savijoki.October 27th. an official master class was held at The Music Conservatory of Malmo by Erik Stenstadvold and Jukka Savijoki.

Francisco Cuenca & José Manuel Cuenca


Erik Stenstadvold & Jukka Savijoki – guitarrduo


At October 28th. the duo from Norway, Finland gave the last concert of this years festival. Erik Stenstadvold is a music professor at The Music Conservatory of Oslo and Jukka Savijoki teaches at the Sibelius Academy. Their cooperation has already resulted in 3 CD recordings with transcriptions made by François de Fossa of string quartets by Joseph Haydn. The concert was played on old instruments.


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Artistic Director 

Carsten Grondahl


Olof Nordin